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Generation Identity – Canada is the fastest growing activist movement in Canada. With hundreds of members in numerous cities across Canada, and increasing daily, we’re expanding into other cities and regions rapidly. We need your help to make Generation Identity a household name. We need activists who are willing to sacrifice some of their free time into helping us build a movement so large that they will have no choice but to hear us out. We want everyone, young and old, to know who we are, what we do, and what we stand for.

Gone are the days of simply airing out your frustration on the internet. It’s now time to get involved with a real proactive movement, formed by real Canadians, who aren’t afraid to Take Action and restore Canada to its former glory by taking part in activism and spreading awareness. From hosting our own cultural events, to publicity stunts and helping out our communities on a personal level, we intend on spreading our message from coast-to-coast.


Membership in Generation Identity is not for everyone. We have a very strict vetting process here and an application form that must be filled out before any further steps are taken. This vetting process is not done to deter law enforcement, but rather to ensure that those in our movement are of the highest caliber, with the intentions of actually engaging in activism – not excuse-making.

We are not a “Neo-Nazi” organization, nor are we “White Supremacists”. We’re law abiding Identitarians who are tired of seeing our unique identity flushed down the drain in favour of political correctness, diversity, and “multiculturalism”. All activism done by Generation Identity is in full compliance with the laws of Canada and strictly follows our core tenets and principles.

Application Form

 Thank you for your interest in membership with Generation Identity – Canada. Please, fill out the form below in its entirety and a local recruiter will be in-touch with you via the email provided. Any false information on the application will result in the rejection of your application – this includes real names. If you’ve made a mistake on your application after submission, please contact us at to rectify the issue.


Due to a surge in fake applications being sent to us by certain groups which will not be mentioned, there is now an application processing fee. This fee will go towards your first month of membership and is used to fund our organization’s activism campaigns and the other costs of running our organization. If your application is rejected due to not having a chapter in your region, a refund will be issued. Thank-you for your understanding.


Note: All Applications forms are sent to a secure protonmail account and are double encrypted on our end. Your information is safe with us and we will not share it with any third parties.





Yes - Law EnforcementYes - Canadian Armed ForcesNo


A $10 Application fee applies to deter spam and to help fund our organization. If your application is accepted, it will be added to your first month's membership fee. If it's rejected for reasons beyond our control (you live in an area where we do not currently have a chapter), we will refund your fee. Thank-you for your understanding and support!

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